Our enterprise of the Edible Special Plants was founded some 20 years ago. By the new results of lengthy researches we have developed the growing during whole year, without plant-protecting agents the special lettuces, fresh spice-plants, rucola and edible flowers, further-more also the putting on market these fully new products.

We are offering you the above mentioned products, especially the lettuce rucola and as an elegant dish for the official parties of highest level: the edible flowers.

24hWe can get to you our products on the whole territory of Hungary in 24 hours after arriving your order at us, with exception of Sundays (and feast-days).


  • Rucola:
  • Edible flowers:
  • Lettuces:
  • Fresh spice-plants:

1.700 - 2.000 HUF/kg
30 - 100 HUF/piece
100 - 400 HUF/piece
3.000 - 4.000 HUF/kg

Our addresses for contacting:

  • Letters: 6600 Szentes, Dr. Várady Lipót Á. u. 27.
  • Mailbox: 6601 Szentes, Pf. 186.
  • Tel.: +36-63/311-997; +36-63/560-890
  • Mobil: +36-30/9281-501 - Fax: +36-63/560-891
  • E-mail: - Web: www.ehetoviragok.hu
József Pillár and his son with the edible flowers
József Pillár and his son with the edible flowers


Szentes - february, 2009

With respect and reverence:

Pillár József
József Pillár manager,
researcher gardener engineer